Helping you make the right decisions.

  • Combining solid research experience with commercial understanding

  • Director level professionals without large agency costs

  • Experts who care about you and about society

  • A research and recommendation service customised for you

  • Sector expertise: technology, communications and people.

Whatever business decision you’re trying to make, you need to understand your customers. But people are complicated.

We recommend the right research method and deliver professionally so that you get the help you need.

We tailor our service to you:



How much is already known in the literature or even within your organisation to help with your decision?
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There are many ways for you to do your own research and we can support you to get that right.
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Full Service

Once we understand what you need we can design and deliver a project that fits you perfectly.
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The crumbly pier and shiny new tower of market research

Right outside BIG’s 2014 conference venue, sits the creaking frame of Brighton’s derelict West Pier. Once the pride of the city with large concert halls until just a few decades ago, it is being steadily reclaimed by the sea. Constant battering from the elements, neglect and criminal damage have reduced it to a shell but it stubbornly clings on. Now, the city is in the process of repairing the front’s aging infrastructure and the pier will be eclipsed by a futuristic tower being erected to give tourists a view of the entire city.

Pier on day 1


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