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Changing behaviour is tough! If you are trying to enable or promote change, you need to thoroughly understand your audience and answer their real needs. We know how to cost effectively provide solid research insight, root that in rigorous behavioural theory and help you to help people change.

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How much is already known in the literature or even within your organisation to help with your challenge?
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There are now many ways for non-professionals to do their own research and design their own interventions but often they aren’t done well.
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Successful interventions need partnership. Once we understand what you need we can design and run a project that fits you perfectly.
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Adding VAT to invoices for international clients

Handling VAT can get complex but if you have a query the guidance on HMRC’s site isn’t very clear. I had to have a look at it recently to find out if VAT needed to be added to an invoice for an international client: my contact is a UK research buyer in a UK ltd company but I received a PO with a EU invoice address and an EU delivery address for services. The end client for the research is a global team.

To determine whether VAT needs to be added:

- VAT on B2B services like research depend on where the customer ‘belongs’. The HMRC guidance about place of belonging (741a section 3) is available here: but I don’t find this very clear.

- It is the invoicer’s (my) responsibility to decide whether VAT should be charged or not.

- If you charge VAT and that is challenged by the client they will need to demonstrate that the place of belonging is not the UK.

- If no VAT is charged you will need to justify it to an inspector (if you get inspected)

- You do not add VAT to non-UK invoices to the EU but you need to quote the VAT number of the receiving organisation on the invoice and you need to complete an EC Sales List quarterly listing EU/ non-VAT invoices. Details available here:

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