Research and recommendations for what Brighton & Hove PCT can do to increase the uptake of NHS Health Checks among key target groups to help prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.
Kindle undertook robust research with local stakeholders which gave us clear insight to the motivations, needs and barriers experienced by potential beneficiaries of health checks and those providing them. Kindle provided practical recommendations based on these findings and primary research which have helped us to develop our health checks programme in a cost effective way through a mix of methods for different target audiences, designed to make it easy, beneficial and normal to receive and deliver.
Terry Blair-Stevens, Public Health Specialist
Detailed in-home interviews among mothers of young children to recommend what Portsmouth PCT can do to reduce childhood obesity.
Brilliant Futures were able to provide innovative recommendations which we were able to take forward with partners locally. These interventions were evidence based, achievable and inspirational to others. This has led to recognition nationally as the interventions where able to achieve real behaviour change with audiences which we would traditionally find difficulty engaging with. Four years on from when Brilliant Futures undertook the original scope NHS Portsmouth and Portsmouth City Council are still using the valuable insights and recommendations.
Hannah Byrne, Health Development Officer
Research to understand how to reduce the use of sun beds in Stoke.