In co-operation with social business pioneers NixonMcInnes, research to help Cisco build a social media strategy that their channel could build upon.
Paul provided what he always provides when we work together: the sane advice and reasoning of an experienced researcher, smart approaches to get the right results quickly, and the good humour needed to grease the wheels.
Will McInnes, MD
Evidence to support Platform Black's journey from a ground-breaking online concept to raising funding to service launch.
At every stage we were impressed with Kindle's understanding of our proposition (which was entirely innovative and unproven) and his creative and thoughtful approach to conducting our market research.
Christopher Shaw, CEO
We regularly work with other agencies for their global tech clients to inform new product development, develop market communications and improve customer satisfaction.
We can rely on Paul to consistently delivery high quality research on some of our most demanding projects.
Anders Nielsen, Director, Gfk NOP